Our Products

  • Dental Division
    Dental Units
    Dental X-ray Machines
    Dental Chair Heads
    Dental configuration software
    Dental Imaging Software
    Dental Compressor
    Dental Chair
    Clearpath Path Aligners

    Hospital Equipments
    Wheel Chairs
    Walking Aids
    Walking Sticks
    Electric Vehicles and Motors
    Bath Room and Toileting
  • Surgical Division
    Surgical Tables
    Surgical Table Accessories
    Surgical Light Heads
    Transplant Set Standard
    Surgical Retractors
    Bone Drillers
    Self Expanding Stents
    Biopsy Needles
    Add Bone Materials
  • Medical Division
    Auto Destruct Syringes
    Latex Gloves
    Foley Catcher
    Scalp Vein Set
    Surgical Blades
    Infusion Sets
    Clinical Thermometers
    Test Tube Racks
    Sample containers
    Boiling Sterilizers
    Blood Bags
    Endeotrachial Tube
    Absorbent Gauzes
    Adhesive Plasters
    Injection Pumps