Investor Relation

Cure Africa is committed to optimizing long-term value for its shareholders and believes that ensuring transparency of operations is an intrinsic part of its corporate responsibility.

The Company has adopted regular and open communication channels. Its communication program goes beyond statutory disclosure and reporting norms and voluntarily adheres to best international practices.

The Company is confident that these practices will enable it to establish enduring relationships with all its investors, other important market constituents and the society at large.


With more than a billion targeting customers in more than 61 territories around 20.4% of the total land area of the world, Africa is the world biggest growing market, in which CURE AFRICA LTD provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated Medical Solutions. Africa has the most demanding health care market in the world. African countries are also still fighting against the unfair practices in the international medical industry and in these circumstances

CURE AFRICA LIMITED has instigated the mission to serve the growing requirement of Africa with honesty, hard work, passion & dignity through their alliances with internationally recognized manufacturers. Our consistent performance has enabled us to deliver an exceptional track record of growth that few, if any, companies can claim. Our consumer products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics play a role in helping millions of people be well and stay well every day.

Since 2010, Cure Africa is expanding its business in various parts of the African region, having a population of more than 14.72% of the world; this vision of Cure Africa gave them an edge to be part of the growing sales and distribution channels by introducing virgin markets to their health care product manufactures from Europe and the Americas.